Euro Trip - Log #1


Back in December 2009, my brother (Shah) and I finally managed to go for the long awaited trip, that we have planned since October. That is to visit our sister (Zura) in Belgium, and have her to join and guide us there. We wanted it to be a siblings-affair, that all the decisions being made during the trip, were done together. In fact, this was our first international trip , without the presence of our beloved parents. We were dead excited!!! It was winter, and we thought it would be great to experience our first snow together (not to mention that our sis kept on posting photos of hers enjoying snow, via facebook prior to our visit).

And so we left Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Schiphol Airport (for transit) before continuing our journey with another 45 minutes trip from Schiphol to Brussels Airport. The first part of the trip took about 12 hours, and I have literally sat still, for that period of time.. LOL! We arrived at Schiphol at 6am and originally to have 2 hours gap before our connecting flight to Brussels. 


This is one of the earliest photos snapped during our trip. My brother, Shah.


Schiphol Air Traffic Control Tower from our gate.

Then at around 8am, it was announced that our flight will be delayed for another 2 hours due to the heavy snow. I took the liberty to walk around the airport and guess what I found?


I was like, “Hey, Seriously… Is that question meant for me?”



I’m so in love with how minimalist the clock face is. Anyway, we thought that this would be the time for us to board our flight. Just to realize that our flight got delayed for another hour. I spent the final hour playing Tap Tap Revenge 3 on my iPhone. Sweet deal~ We finally board the airplane at around 11.30am, and set our foot on Brussels Airport at almost 1pm. My sister and her friend were waiting for us at the arrival hall, and we headed straight back to her crib. Owh, by this time, Shah’s friend, Azri came to joined us in Brussels. Well, he started his journey way earlier than us, ALONE!!!!

After lunch, My sister left for work and the three of us decided to visit a park nearby to experience the real -6°c..








and of course, it would be crazy not to snow slide when everyone does!!


This pretty much summarizes my first log of the trip. More travel logs and photos to follow suit. WHEE~!! For the time being, do leave me some comments aite?

Official Launch!!!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. From today onwards, I will feature all my work here, (yeah, some of you know that my previous portfolios are all over the place.. LOL!) It has been quite awhile since the last time I blog about things. So I hope you don’t mind my amateurish style here.

I enjoy shooting portraits, patterns and places on top of everything. That’s the reason why you’ll see a lot of weddings, engagements, ceremonies, people, and travel photos here. 

I hope you’ll find this blog a happy space for you to drop by and share your views. It would be wickedly fun to exchange ideas with everyone!!!

So once again, I welcome you to my blog. In a Malaysian way, 

Selamat Datang!!!

Engagement : Mai Nazura & Hanif

Whee~!! It has been awhile since my last ceremony assignment. I am happy to bring you the engagement ceremony between Mai Nazura & Hanif, who both are my university mates. I actually knew Mai from our #kakiphoto@UTPchat which later I found out that she’s in the same batch as mine.. While Hanif, we met during our Minggu Aluan Siswa (aka Orientation Week) back in January ‘07. Before I start to dwell more on the history, let’s just enjoy the photos aite? XD


This lamp is simply irresistable!!!


DIY wall stickers RULE!!!




The engagement ring



Their smiles are simply lovely! and yeah, Mai is the most excited of them all.. 






I gotta say that Mai does have lots of cool girlfriends for moral support.


and I still think that Azrin do look very suspicious with that expression towards Mai. This one is definitely a keeper.

Hope you enjoy these photos… Drop me some comments too ya?!!

- Redza

Earth Hour 2010


As my 1st ever post here, it would be great to feature Earth Hour celebration I had with my friends (codename: Flolesians) in Kuala Lumpur. We celebrated last year’s Earth Hour at Midvalley Megamall, PJ and this year, we decided (or was it me who urged everyone?) to celebrate it in front of Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC), one of the most prominent buildings in Malaysia.


a stitched photo to showcase both lights-on and lights-off period at KLCC.