Solemnization : Seri & Eugene

Heya everyone! I hope I didn’t hold you guys too long for this next update.

I must say that this is one of my most anticipated weddings for this year as the bride, Seri is a great lady for me to have as a friend. To make things more interesting, she got engaged earlier this year to Eugene whom she met during her studies in the U.S couple of years ago. So Eugene and his family came all the way to Malaysia for this wedding ceremony. Pity that Uncle James, his dad could not make it for the event due to medical reason. Fret not uncle, this blog entry is purposely written with you in mind. We wouldn’t want you to miss the moments we had during this auspicious day!


Seri at home, getting ready for make up before heading to the Federal Mosque in Kuala Lumpur for the solemnization to take place.



The official ride for Seri & Eugene that weekend. A big kudos to Farid for being such a kind heart in letting his car to be pimped with ribbons and fresh flowers~


Eugene’s sister, Vicky getting help from her aunty on the Hijab.


Eugene & Seri’s dad addressing his family and relatives who came all the way from Taiwan for this wedding.


For a guy who are about to cite the “lafaz” (marriage vow), this must be one of the most calm look I have ever seen on a groom. He definitely came all the way to Malaysia, fully prepared. 







Uncle James, you must be very proud of Eugene to know that he actually sealed the deal with only single attempt. Even the locals sometimes need to recite the lafaz for several times before finally nailing it. :) \
















Well, it would not be complete if there’s no portraiture session that morning, right? Since the Federal Territory Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Kuala Lumpur, we really took advantage of the Middle Eastern architecture to complement the whole ceremony that day.










So this pretty much summarizes the solemnization of Seri & Eugene that morning. Coming up next, the reception dinner held later that day.

Stay tune~

Solemnization : Khatijah & Zaki

Khatijah, or widely known as KT has a special spot in my photography journey. I actually knew her from a training which we attended two years ago. Later she threw me with couples of photography questions before deciding to get a DSLR of her own. And then became my first client who decided to have me taking her solemnization photos after enjoying my Euro Trip series. Seriously, it has never crossed my mind that my Euro Trip photos would allure such opportunity as I was simply having fun documenting my journey and surroundings instead of trying to please other people’s eyes. For that, I’m surely glad that you enjoyed my trip!! whee~!! 

Anyway, let’s get our focus back to her now. KT’s is the first in her family to ever get married. So you can pretty much imagine the family’s excitement to pull everything together for the relatives, friends, guests and most importantly for KT and Zaki. Their solemnization ceremony was held at KT’s residence in TTDIPJ





Can you spot that reflective dark screen above? That’s her laptop playing some awesome tunes from her playlist. Kinda cool, don’t you think? Most of the brides that I have met before, prefer a quiet moment during the make-up session. But not KT. Her tunes will make you move to the music.



Some of KT’s Super Friends supporting her that night.



and her sisters, Saleha & Salmah by her side. Soon after that, Zaki’s family arrived to start the ceremony.


Khalid, KT’s brother giving his welcoming remarks. 



In the Malay culture (which majority are Muslims by the way), this handshake takes place during the citing of marriage aqad (the sacred binding between the husband and the wife).


and pretty much followed by prayers for the newly wedded couple and their families. But for Zaki, this would be the sign of gratitude for successfully executing his mission that night. ;)


KT dropping the final ink of the night to seal the deal.







KT joining her Super Friends at the dinner table before returning back to her wedding dai for some sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttt family photos.


The whole family doing what they call “Saleha’s smile”. How adorable!!!


I shall not forget to mention again, all the names of KT’s siblings as they are the proud owners of the purely traditional Malay names (yeah, which originated from Arabic names too). From left, they are Salmah, Saleha, Khatijah and Khalid. Thumbs up to Uncle Kamal & Aunty Aisha for the effort in preserving these names. It might look like a small effort, yet I believe it would give a big impact to the society. (how I hope I can hit the facebook’s LIKE button here!)  



This must be one of the sweetest moments of the evening, when KT asked everyone to turn around and look at the opposite direction while ….


:). As for the show stopper this time, indulge yourself with the ring shot below. 75mm f3.5 anyone?



p/s: Enjoy the slideshow of wedding gifts from KT to Zaki and KT with her Super Friends. ;)

Personality : Amin Hariz

Let me simply present to you, the newest kid on the block, the offspring of Amani & Hariz, Mr. Amin Hariz~


Last week, Asma’ and I decided to pay Amani & Hariz a visit, taking the fact that it is still Eid Mubarak, and everyone are still in the mood to visit friends and relatives. As for my case, I have not met Amin, this handsome boy ever since Uncle Stork drop by to deliver him. :D

We were *obviously* welcomed by the owh-so-very-cheerful Amani with hands waving in the air and a smile from ear to ear in front of her house. She’s still the same Amani I remember from about a year ago, very animated and cheerful. My first ever sight of Amin, is with a pose of a champion!!


He sleeps like a king, and even snores like a true macho man.. ahahhaahhaa… absolutely adorable!!! Amin dear, believe me when I say that your stocks actually went up in my book!!! yeah!!


That’s Amin reacting towards the warmth of Amani’s palm, while he was sleeping. He doesn’t mind his mum repositioning his hands over and over again before I manage to get this shot. Cool factor +10!

Amin then calmly wakes up from his slumber to see what’s going on around him. He did not cry upon seeing the scary face of Aunty Asma’ (LOL!) nor did he was intimidated by the charm of Uncle Ben.. ahahhaahaha. After a couple rubs on his eyes, he started to strike some interesting poses for my camera.

Say, you want the intellectual pose of a tycoon?


 Or would you prefer the saucy pose with a finger in the mouth?


 How bout the “biting lips” pose?


You name it, Amin will definitely show that he’s the master of posing in front of my lens. How cute!



A warm tickling session with mommy~


That’s how attentive Amin is while listening to Amani’s ramblings. Ahahaha. By this time, I realized that Amin likes to play with his hands a lot! Hence, something to remind me or even Amin (if he manage to find this blog later) of that…


Looking forward to our next meeting, Amin dearie. 


Euro Trip - Log #8

Destination 8: Brussels/ Bruxelles/ Brussel


Next, we finally made our way back to Brussels after a total of four days spent in Paris & Cologne. The next day, while Zura went to work, Shah and I decided to visit some of the key attractions in town.

We took the train to Brussel Centraal to head to our first check point, the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. It is pretty much a 19th century shopping arcade where one of the coolest chocolatiers resides. There are three sections that make up the whole gallery, namely Galerie du Roi, Galerie de la Reine and Galerie des Princes. Below is the scene from Galerie de la Reine .


Three minutes away from this gallery is the Maison du roi which resides at the opposite of Hotel De Ville in Grand Place. It is also known as Broodhuis in Dutch.



Our final destination of the day was the Atomium, located in Heyzel. The truth is, I never knew that the real Atomium is located here. Thus it did not took me long to decide paying such awesome structure a visit. 


I have been planning to shoot “Day & Night” version of the Atomium. When we got there, it was 2.30pm. An hour and a half to go before the sun sets. We secure some photos of ourselves with the structure and start preparing for THE planned shots. Extended the tripod, marked the position of the legs (hoping that nobody will stumble on the markers or kick them off the spots) and snapped the “Day” version. 30 minutes gone, and we still have another hour to spend before it gets dark. So we packed up our stuff, and head to the Mini Europe for tea at Quick (more to hot chocolate I suppose). Oh yeah, Mini Europe is just about 200 meters away from the Atomium. Nothing much to snap there as the site pretty much closed at 3pm that day.

1 hour passed, we went back to the marked spots and WALLA! captured the “Night” version of the Atomium. Hence, this photo came about.


Despite not being able to make a perfect stitch of the two, I’m pretty much satisfied with the outcome achieved with such an understanding brother by my side. I forgot to mention that we were literally jogging on the spot to keep our body warm while the camera being exposed for 30 seconds. And nope, I did not stop at only 1 shot. Hahaha! There were so much brotherly activities that day. Haha!

That pretty much summarizes this log. Thanks again Shah for willingly joining me in torturing the body in the name of  photography.


Owh, do enjoy the “Day” and “Night” version of the Atomium in the slideshow below. Whee~!!

Personality : Anis Daud

So you guys still remember the multi-talented Anis Daud aka Anisism from Kertas Puteh? (*ehem* She was the photographer during my engagement held back in June.) Both of us attended a photography refresher course last Saturday, and decided to make use some of the cool spots at the venue, before heading back home. As she was too lazy to even lift up her camera for me (thanks for lending me the lens though~ haha), I happen to be the only one stuck behind the camera. Enjoy these photos, the CEO of Kertas Puteh.








and my favourite of all…


That’s all folks~!!